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Mamiya Announces RZ33 Digital Camera Kit

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Mamiya announced the addition of a new medium format digital camera kit to its line, with the introduction of the 33MP Mamiya RZ33. The RZ33 offers cable-free operation, because it was designed with integrated electronics, for direct, cable free communication with the digital back. Also, it features a CompactFlash card slot, so you aren’t tied to a computer while shooting. However, should you want to shoot tethered, you can, connecting the camera to a computer via a FireWire 800 cable, and using either Capture One and Leaf Capture software.

The RZ33 has an ISO range of 50-800, with a 12 f/stop dynamic range. The camera produces a .mos RAW file, with 16 bits/channel. It is an HDR-type Mosaic RAW file, with uncompressed or lossless compression. The largest file that the RZ33 is capable of producing is a 190 megabyte 16 bit TIFF.

Other features of the camera include flash sync at all speeds from 8 seconds to 1/400 of a second (plus T-setting for up to 32 seconds) through the use of leaf-shutters built into the RZ system lenses; precise rack and pinion bellows focusing on all RZ lenses without mounting adapters; and a 6x7cm LCD touchscreen interface. And because the RZ offers vertical-horizontal rotation, you don’t need to turn the camera while shooting.

You can view images remotely on an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (in tethered mode, Wi-Fi required).

The RZ33 kit is ideal for photographers who already own RZ system cameras; it is compatible with all 19 RZ system lenses and most accessories. Optional accessories include: film backs, interchangeable viewfinders, (the waist-level finder is included); interchangeable focusing screens, (the Matte Focusing Screen is standard); the Power Winder 2, which cocks the shutter and resets the mirror automatically, for exposures at about one frame per second. It can also be remote controlled with radio or IR transmitters; extension tubes; and more. You can also use RZ67 system accessories with the new RZ33.

“The new RZ33 brings all the ease-of-use advantages of the tried and true RZ camera system to large-sensor digital photography while making tremendous use of the existing line of world-renowned Mamiya RZ optics and accessories,” says Mamiya Product Marketing Manager Mike Edwards.

The new Mamiya RZ33 digital camera kit, including the RZIID camera body, 33MP focusing screen, Mamiya cable-free digital integration plate, Mamiya DM33 digital back and battery, battery charger, FW800 cable, Capture One and Leaf Capture software, will be available in the U.S. for $17,990 and will begin shipping in July 2010.

Go to www.mamiya.com for more information.

— Diane Berkenfeld


Mamiya expands line with 40MP DM40/DM40 Digital Back

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Mamiya today expanded its line of large-sensor DSLRs with the addition of the new 40-megapixel Mamiya DM40, featuring a 44mm x 33mm image sensor offering a pixel count of 7360 x 5562. The camera offers a peak capture rate of .8 seconds per frame and a sustained capture rate of 60 frames per minute. ISO range is 80-800 and the largest file size that can be attained is a 240MB 16 Bit Tiff. A 6x7cm LCD touchscreen allows for ease of use. At the heart of the DM40 is the “DF” camera-core technology, which utilizes both a leaf and focal plane shutter. Because the camera uses a focal plane shutter and lenses that feature a leaf shutter, photographers will be able to use flash sync speeds up to 1/1600 of a second. For portable use, the camera/digital back uses CompactFlash cards; tethered use is via FireWire 800.

Mamiya also announced the Mamiya DM40 Digital Back, which can be used with the Mamiya 645AFD series, 645DF, Mamiya RZ series (via optional adapter), Mamiya RB series (via optional adapter) or 4×5 view cameras via an optional adapter.

The new 40MP camera/digital back joins other Mamiya large sensor DSLRs/digital backs, featuring resolutions of 22MP, 28MP, 33MP, and 56MP.

Three new leaf shutter lenses designed by Schneider-Kreuznach and manufactured by Mamiya are compatible with the camera, in focal lengths of 55mm, 80mm, and 110mm. These lenses join 15 other lenses from 28mm to 300mm APO, designed for use with the cameras’ focal plane shutter system.

The file type captured by the DM40 camera/digital back is the 16 Bit Leaf Mosaic HDR-type file with a dynamic range of 12 f/stops. The files from the DM40 DSLR/DM40 digital back can be processed with a number of programs including Phase One’s Capture One, Leaf Capture, Adobe Lightroom 2 (or newer) or Photoshop CS4 (or newer). Tethered use is possible with Capture One or Leaf Capture. For those who choose to use Leaf Capture, you’ll have the ability of using the new Leaf Remote Capture app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Mamiya DM40 DSLR kit, which includes the Mamiya 80mm f/2.8 D lens will be available for $21,990. The Mamiya DM40 Digital Back has a price of $19,990. Both are expected to ship this month and include Phase One’s Capture One and Leaf Capture software programs.

For more information, go to www.mamiya.com.

— Diane Berkenfeld