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Product Review: Snaptotes Photo-Personalized Purses & Totebags

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By Diane Berkenfeld

(l. to r.) A Snaptotes diaper bag created from portrait sitting images, and a Snaptotes clutch bag with an image from a pet photography session. All photos © Diane Berkenfeld.

Want to offer your female portrait and event clients something more unique than a print, something they can take with them wherever they go, showing off your images? [read: walking billboard.] If so, check out Snaptotes, the Durham, North Carolina-based company at www.snaptotes.com. Snaptotes makes purses, totebags and other items that are personalized by adding digital imagery. Products range from clutch and makeup bags, to satchel and bucket-shaped purses, tote bags, diaper bags, beach and workout bags, and more.

The images are made using a sublimation printing process.

Most of the bags are made out of a strong microfiber material that looks great. The beach totes are made of durable canvas. The products use high quality materials, with many featuring key fobs, feet to protect the bottoms of the bags, and plenty of interior pockets. Certain models also let you to choose a custom color interior liner.

And depending upon the model, you can have the image placed on both sides, for an additional fee.

Web-based File Uploading/Ordering

Snaptotes bags are easy to create, you simply upload your image, tweak placement if necessary, chose the lining if applicable to the style you are ordering, and they create the bag for you. It takes the company about three weeks from uploading ‘till your bag is delivered.

The company also has templates for each of their products that you can download and use for placement to make sure that no important parts of your image are cropped out.

Snaptotes asks for files to be under 5MB. Create the original image at full resolution and drop down the size of the JPG you’re uploading to the Snaptotes site. Exact file requirements are available on the company’s website.

Bags I’ve Had Made

I have had three bags made so far, a Satchel [not shown], Clutch, and Diaper bag. Each one was created with the photo(s) placed only on one side.

The Satchel has leather trim, feet, interior key fob, interior pockets and a large exterior pocket. I used a black and white image of a baby taken during a portrait sitting for this bag.

For the clutch, an image from a pet portrait sitting that was originally altered in Photoshop to look more like a painting than a photograph was used. This purse allowed for the choice of the interior lining and I chose pink, which went with the coloring of the image.

For the diaper bag, a layout was created in Photoshop using multiple images in two different sizes, color and black and white, in alternating placement. The final image was uploaded as one file.

I’ve been consistently pleased with the quality of the output of my imagery onto the Snaptotes products, as well as the overall quality of the products themselves. The company suggests that you Scotchguard the totes/purses once you receive them to further protect the printed image(s).

One of the cool things I realized when deciding upon images to use on the Snaptotes bags I ordered is that images with a little extra pizzazz looked even greater on the final product than they did on-screen. It gave me the ability to truly design one-of-a-kind pieces of usable photo art for my clients.

And the variety of the product line is large enough that there are styles that will appeal to a diverse clientele.

Although the website does sell direct to consumers, they pay full retail price, whereas professional photographers who sign up for the Snaptotes Pro Program receive wholesale pricing.

Snaptotes are a great way to add-on to sales from portrait or event photography. Check out the website www.snaptotes.com for more information and to see examples of some of the great bags that other photographers have made for their clients.


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  1. Your product looks very nice and durable. I like the pictures of your purses and videos of others receiving their package from you.

    I am a photographer in the Charlotte NC area and would love information on your products. Someone linked your website and information on LinkedIn that is how I found you.

    Keep up the good work.



    Suzanne L Kish

    December 5, 2009 at 9:20 pm

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