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Product Preview: Olympus E-P2

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Company Expands Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera Line

By Diane Berkenfeld

EP2 front

The Olympus E-P2 with the 17mm pancake lens and accessory viewfinder attached.

Less than six months after launching the PEN E-P1 Micro Four Thirds camera, Olympus has released the follow up camera, the E-P2. The new PEN, like the E-P1, offers 12.3-megapixels in resolution, and an interchangeable lens system with In-body Image Stabilization. Like the EP-1, the E-P2 can capture HD video and stereo Linear PCM audio recording. The E-P2 comes in a black metal body.

There are a number of improvements and additions to this new Micro Four Thirds camera model from Olympus. One of the biggest features that photographers desired—and was missing on the E-P1—but is available for the E-P2 is a detachable electronic viewfinder (VF-2). The VF-2 and the optional external microphone adapter EMA-1 both utilize the same accessory port which is just below where the electronic viewfinder sits near the top of the body, on the rear. One of the cool things about the viewfinder is that it pivots, which means you can use it normally, or unfold it and use it as a waist level finder. This feature is great for street shooting or when shooting from the ground. The viewfinder, although an accessory, is being included with the purchase of the E-P2 body.

The E-P2 offers most all the features of the E-P1 as well as the following new features: a newly-developed Continuous Autofocus (C-AF) Tracking System that tracks the subject across or back-and-forward through the frame; iEnhance to automatically adjust color and contrast for a more dramatic effect; two new art filters added to those that the E-P1 has; full Manual Control of shutter/aperture in Movie Mode; and HDMI Control of camera’s playback functions using the TV Remote when the camera is connected to an HDTV.

The two new art filters, Diorama and Cross Process—along with the other six art filters—can be used for still images and HD video. The Diorama art filter offers selective focus and gives users a miniature model photo feeling by narrowing the depth of focus and enhancing color and contrast.

The E-P2 comes with either the Olympus M. ZUIKO Micro Four Thirds 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 (28-84mm equivalent) or 17mm f/2.8 (34mm equivalent) lenses.

The Olympus E-P2 will be available in December. For more information, go to www.olympusamerica.com.

Just before the E-P2 camera was announced we were treated to a sneak peek and were quite impressed with what we saw. Look for a full review of the E-P2 to be posted soon!

To read the Picture-soup.com review of the E-P1, click here.


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