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Product Review: MOO MiniCards

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By Diane BerkenfeldMoo logo picture-soup image

MOO, the company known for their variable data printing solutions has introduced a new version of its well-known MiniCards. The MiniCards measure 1.1-inches x 2.76-inches, basically half the size lengthwise of traditional MOO business cards. Having created traditional MOO business cards in the past and reviewing them for this website, we jumped at the opportunity to review the new MiniCards.

The MiniCards come in packages of 100, and are delivered in a sturdy white cardboard box. Optional felt, acrylic and leather cases can be purchased from MOO as well as the company’s Mosaic frame, which displays 20 MiniCards. The Mosaic frame comes in two versions: solid white acrylic or solid black acrylic.

The basic concept behind MOO printed products is the company’s ability to offer variable data printing. What this means is that each card or MiniCard can be a different image. This makes Moo products ideal for photographers and artists to showcase their work.

The new version of MiniCards allows image uploading for use onto the front and back of the MiniCards, so you can upload images on one side and a logo on the other. Additional layout options include new templates, fonts and colors. And, the company now offers a bulk discount for customers purchasing its new 400 unit pack.

Unlike the traditional business card shape, think of the MiniCards as panorama images. Once you upload your images to the Moo.com website, you’re given the opportunity to tweak the cropping of your image(s). You’ll want to consider the final shape of the MiniCards when deciding which images to upload. I found that I liked the way the majority of my images turned out. There were a couple of images that didn’t work in the crop as well as I thought they might. So, if I create another batch of MiniCards, I know I’ll reuse certain images, and not use others. This is purely a subjective opinion on my part.

minicards photo

Here are some of the MiniCards I had printed. You can tell right away that these images work well in the MiniCard shape. At the top left of the image is the storage box that the MiniCards come in. All photos © Diane Berkenfeld.

The quality of the printing is just as good as the quality of the larger, traditional business cards that I’ve had printed by MOO. The paper quality has good heft to it, and the printing is high quality; text is easy to read. The one thing I would like to see in a future update is the ability to increase the font size on the side dedicated to your contact information more than is currently allowed.

There may be some folks who wonder if the MiniCards are an odd size for a business card, but there isn’t an absolute as to what a business card should look like these days. I’ve seen larger than normal business cards as well as small squares, the MOO MiniCards and those half the size of the Minis, as well as other shapes. What best represents your unique identity is what’s right for you.

The MOO MiniCards are definitely cool, and offer me another format for showcasing my photography. And, for the price of $19.99 per 100, they’re a great buy.

[Check out the Picture-Soup.com review of the traditional business cards by MOO here.]


Written by PictureSoup

November 10, 2009 at 12:15 pm

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