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Product Review: Personalized Pexagon Thumbdrive

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By Diane Berkenfeld


pexagon USB drive

My new pink 4GB Pexagon USB thumbdrive sits atop the box it was delivered in.

Pexagon Technology has been in the digital media business for some time. I stopped by their booth at the recent PhotoPlus Expo tradeshow and saw a great range of products that are ideal for the photographer or studio who needs to deliver digital files and keep their branding at the top of mind with their customers. Pexagon offers a wide range of digital media storage—USB drives in numerous styles and capacities—as well as Store-It drives. The unique thing about Pexagon is that they offer personalization of the USB drives and portable Store-It drives. And they offer bulk pricing.

The USB drives that can be personalized include swivel and traditional style USB drives in 14 different colors, and with capacities ranging from 128MB to 16GB. The portable Store-It and Store-It Pro 2.5-inch hard drives also come in 14 different colors and in capacities up to 500GB. They are Mac and PC compatible and connect to computer via USB 2.0. The Store-It and Store-It Pro drives are bus powered, meaning that they receive power by the computer via USB.

Instead of burning the images you’re delivering to clients on a CD or DVD that will likely be taken out once to download the files and then stored, never to see the light of day again—deliver the files on a USB drive that can be used and reused over and over. The USB drive is something that anyone can utilize and more importantly, it keeps your brand name in front of them. As a photographer, being able to deliver files in a reusable media format that is branded with your business name is to me, a much better solution than using media that is branded with the manufacturer’s logo or name.

Choose the capacity you need, whether its delivering low-res proofs on a 128MB drive or a complete job of final high-res image files on an 8 or 16GB drive.

Pexagon can personalize the swivel and traditional USB drives with two lines of copy on one side and a logo on the other. The Store-It drives can also be personalized with logo and copy. The personalization is crisp and easy to read. And, because it is laser engraved, it will last. Better still, there’s no set-up charges for the personalization.

The company also offers other personalized items as well as various styles and colors of USB drives, including those that take the shape of animals, wood covered drives, USB Jellibandz (wristbands that feature a USB drive in the closure, Jellibeenz (diminutive USB drives), business card USB drives, and more. They also offer a USB drive that is incorporated into a lanyard, making it perfect for staffers or students to keep their media close at hand.

I’ve used both the Pexagon USB media drives and Store-It drives for years, and have never had any issues. They’ve always worked perfectly. The pink 4GB personalized USB drive I just received from Pexagon came in a nice sturdy cardboard box, with an accessory lanyard. The colors that the company offers are really nice shades—very trendy, and they have the look and feel of high quality products. And, delivery was pretty quick after it was ordered.

The company has a dedicated Photo Solutions salesperson, as well as salespeople dedicated to other vertical markets which I think is smart, as they’ll understand the concerns and needs of their customers better. For more information, go to the website at www.pexagontech.com.


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